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Grandmother Pauls Fried Chicken

Oh boy y’all!!! This was an AHHMAZING recipe!!!! Tonight was my Paula Deen night (which I will blog about the other stuff too… of course).  I had watched some of her videos last night and one of them was called “My Grandmothers Table” and she made her grandmas fried chicken, and it looked completely out of this world, so today I went on the internet and looked up the recipe and made it… because I could not resist. Oh my gosh… I am speechless and I am just searching for words to describe this. Well, for the first thing I guess I can tell you how I made it. Okay, so I had to put it in the fridge for two hours with salt and pepper on it. This was a whole chicken cut into pieces, and my chicken was giant… which I don’t recommend a giant chicken because it took forever to cook. Especially the breasts… so try to find a small chicken. Not too small though. Then like you make normal chicken, you soak it in egg, then cover it in flour and cook it in lots of oil…. lots and lots of oil! Then the special secret you do with this is you cover the chicken with a lid. Paula said that this was her grandmothers secret to her special chicken… to cover it with a lid. You say… “Now how does that change the chicken?” Well, I don’t know that either! But then I fried it and it was done and I ate it and I don’t know how it came out so good! But it was really good and I highly recommend you making it. Go on and look up Paula Deen and then look up fried chicken. It was so good!


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