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Peruvian Baked Chicken

Boy was it good!


I made Peruvian Roast Chicken a couple of nights ago and it was REALLY good!!!!!  I made it in a Magic Pot!!! Those things are way better than a roasting pan!  You make the chicken like the recipe tells you to, and then you put the chicken or anything you make into the pot and microwave it for like 15 to 18 minutes and it comes out just as fresh as an oven cooks it!  I love magic pots!  I had a little bit of the chicken but I didn’t feel very good last night, but it was very good!!!! VERY VERY good!!!!! I love chicken, for those who don’t know that!  This chicken was very juicy and fresh and delicious and amazing, I wanted to eat all of it, but like I said, I didn’t feel good.  But my promise to all of you is that everything that I make, no matter how much I know I hate it, I have to taste it.  That’s the rule, because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t know what to say!  So to let yo know, when I make lobster, I HAVE to taste it.  Not looking forward to that day.  Well, I might like it… to tell you the truth, I’ve never had lobster before so I never know if I like it or not, I’m just assuming it (which is naughty of me!!!).  I enjoy every bite of my food though.  I love food.  You need to know that about me!!!!!


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