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Meat Sauce with Baked Potatoes and Hash Browns

Tonight for dinner I made something REALLY yummy!!!! I made Meat Sauce.  I know, boring… but delicious.  It was kind of like chili but not as spicy.  It was very good.  I made it out of  one of my many Rachael Ray magazines.  I’ve loved all of her recipes.  I’m waiting untill the day where I will find out she’s been reading my blog!!!!  Oh, the dreams I have!  Oh, the places I’ll go!!!!

Tonight I had my first injury with my cooking!!!  Don’t freak out!  I was trying to cut an onion in half and the knife slipped and cut my finger.  Once the knife slipped I was like “Oops.  Missed!” and went right back to cutting my onion.  It wasn’t untill I noticed that my finger was bleeding like crazy that I had cut it!  I really didn’t know.  It was like 20 seconds untill realized it!  But I was proud of myself.  I didn’t freak out.  Once I realized I cut my finger, I just walked to the sink, not doing anything, just walking, and my brother was the one freaking out!!!!!!  Anyway, enough about me!!!!! 

With the meat sauce, you couldn’t have just a plain sauce, you must have something to go with it.  So like a good little girl, I made baked potatoes.  Not anything special, just a potato wrapped in foil, put into an oven at 350.  And I was kind of in the mood for hash browns, so I cut up some potatoes and salt and peppered them and then fried them.  It was good!!!!  So I had a good dinner tonight!!!!! VERY YUMMY!


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