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Fresh Salsa with Avocado

Today I made Fresh Salsa with Avocado.  I didn’t use the avocado though because first of all, I don’t like avocado, and second of all, we couldn’t find avocado at the store last night.  But I made a good salsa.  I’m already not a big fan of salsa, so it wasn’t my favorite recipe… but it was pretty good.   I used a lot of spicy ingredients, and I like spiciness.  I used three jalapeno peppers, half of a red onion, half of a red pepper, and some garlic and of corse 3 plum tomatoes and 3 regular tomatoes, and the juice and one and a half limes.  I like all those ingredients, except tomatoes!!!  They make my gag.  I have never and probably never will be a huge fan of tomatoes but I like just a little bit a them on certain foods.  I enjoyed making it (it involved a lot of chopping and I love to chop and mince and dice and anything that involves knives!).  It was very easy and it’s very good.  I think what I would recommend to use it for is a taco or tostada or something like that.  I liked it on chips too (like what most of you out there use for salsa).  I still like boughten salsa!  This was a recipe out of Get in there and Cook.  It was an appetizer.  A good one too!


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