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Double Chocolate Pudding

Hmmmm… Pudding! I made the best pudding ever! Or i guess the best that I’ve tasted. I have to say, my family are the ones loving this blog thing that I do, but I LOVE it.  I feel like I’m gaining weight though  (which is bad but good at the same time!).  But this Double Chocolate Pudding that I made was out of this world!  I made the pudding and then made homemade whipped cream and it was extreme awesomeness!  My whole family loved it.  I have to thank my good friend Rachael Ray for this amazing recipe.  I encourage anyone and everyone to make it.  You can probably find it if you go on Rach’s website and then look up Double Chocolate Pudding.  It  is also very easy (which is  good).  I think I’ll make this more than once. Or twice!  I loved this pudding and I have to say, this stuff was gone very fast! YUMMY!


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  1. Oh, my, Dana! The homemade chocolate pudding WITH

    fresh whipped cream was beyond delicious! It was sheer

    bliss! Thanks so much for sharing!


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