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Chicken Fajitas… again and again!

I’ve been cooking Chicken fajita lately.  You know I’m so sorry that I haven’t been blogging lately!  I have a huge life for a 12-year-old.  Music, softball, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, my job (i have two jobs… actually 3 if you count my blog), and anything else you can think of!!  It might not sound like much but… well, it is!  I have church too.  That’s why I’ve been making fajita.  They are quick, easy and yummy!  I think I’ve blogged this already so this is more like a your-so -bored-with-my-blog-because-there’s-nothing-new-to-read post!  I am thankfully almost done with school, softball, and violin so I can really focus on my blog this summer!  And my birthday is coming up and what you’ve all been waiting for… Death by Chocolate.  I really enjoy making my own birthday cakes and since I’m doing this, I’m going to make my party guests REALLY happy!!!  2 years ago it was just a boxed chocolate cake that was average… but this year, this year… well, I don’t know, but all I can say is… CHOCOLATE!!!!  If there is a meteorite ( and for those who have seen Julie and Julia you know I’m quoting Julie!) heading toward the earth and we have thirty days to live and going to spend it eating chocolate!  Wait, I already spend most of my time eating chocolate so it doesn’t really matter!  So yeah, I can’t wait until my birthday!  I really want to start getting back to cooking (like I’ve said for about the billionth time) but to tell you the truth, we aren’t going to be able to get to the store for big groceries for about another week (you know… the busy schedule!)  so if you can live for just a few more days without anything new, that would be great!  I know, I really miss it too!  Well, here’s something new to read!!! BON APPETIT!!!!!!


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