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Spaghetti and Meatballs

A few nights ago I started cooking again!!!  I know most of you miss hearing from me (especially my Grandma Honey… sorry Honey!!!) but I finally made something really good that my brother was dieing to eat… Spaghetti and Meatballs!  I loved them they were really good and very easy.  I got some ground pork and beef and mixed them together, then I put some eggs in there and then some parsley, bread crumbs, and some other seasonings together and mixed them up… then of corse I shaped them into balls.  Then I just made spaghetti the normal way… nothin’ fancy!  It was so fun and my whole family enjoyed it!

 I did my photo shoot last night… the one I told you guys about on my last post.  It went really great!  I love all the pictures.  I asked my mom if I could put some on my blog but she said no. 😦  But I thought it was kinda cool my being the center of attention (like always!)!!!!! Just kidding!  No, I didn’t know photo shoots are so fun!  The posing part was the best ( isn’t that pretty much what a photo shoot is?, posing? Who cares, that was my favorite part!)  I think you should go get your camera right now, a family member, a couple of props, and a white sheet and do a photo shoot for yourself… you’ll have a blast!  Anyways, I guess you could say I’m back!  To finish what I’ve started and never ever quit.  I have to admit it, sometimes I feel like quitting, but you know, I’m funny, and who can’t live without Dana!!!  Anyways, I have a spa party to start getting ready for ( and I mean it… I don’t care what  you’re doing, stop and go do a photo shoot!) so BON APPETIT!!!!!


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