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Well, I tried to make candy… but I didn’t really look through the book my Grammie got me so that probably was a bad idea, but I was just messin’ around playing with all my new stuff! I made one piece of candy, the rest wouldn’t come out of the pan. 😦 But it was fun. I have a mold that is flexible so that will probably be easier to make candy with instead of a cake pan. But like I said, it was kinda fun! Hopefully I will be making spaghetti and Meatballs tomorrow night… I really hope so because I miss my kitchen! 😦 I might be going to do a photo shoot with all my cooking clothes on. It’s for my friends’ cousin, she’s a photographer and she has a project where she has to take pictures of different people and their hobbies, so she thought she could use me as a chef. So I have to put on all my cooking clothes again and go get my picture taken!!! It should be fun. Anyway, Spaghetti and Meatballs comin’ up!


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