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One word: wow!

Wow wow!!! I feel like I quit this blog… but I didn’t (yet! just kidding!) You know, I’ve been so busy for a really long time, I can’t believe it! Well as you probably know, I did a competition with my friend called a Small Instrumental Ensemble and we competed at my school. The competition is called ODACS (Old Dominion Association of Christian Schools).  Christian schools all over America compete in this. Anyway, back to me!!! We did our piece (it was only two of us, so we called it a duet. My friend played the cello and I played the violin.) first at the Regionals competition. If you win at Regionals, you can go to State, and if you win at state you can go to Nationals(me and my friend aren’t old enough for Nationals though). So we competed at Regionals and we tied with our other competition, then we moved onto state and we got FIRST PLACE!!!!  I was screaming when they called out my name!!! (OUR name!!!)  I also was in the school band playing my violin, and we moved onto Nationals.  Nationals was held in South Carolina at Bob Jones University.  So I got to go there for a week!!!  I got to stay in the dorms with four other AMAZING people who I miss so much, and I got to do stuff around campus anytime I wanted to!!!!  Our band competed and got second place at the highest competition anyone could go.  I was so happy for second!!!! So anyway, that’s what’s been going on.  I was gone for a week and there was no way to get on the computer but I can tell that my blog can get a little boring now! So I NEEDED to put something new on my blog! So,  I”ve had some other things going on too!!!!  Things that involve cooking.  Last night I went to the cooking class I was telling you about.  It was great.  The class was on cookies and everyone made two different kinds of cookies.  I made Almond Biscotti with chocolate chips in them!!! And peanut butter cookies!!!! One word! YUMMY!!!  I had so much fun with my Grammie!!  Before our class, my step-grandma took me to a store called Wine and Cake Hobbies.  It was amazing!  She even got me some candy making things!!! So today I’ll probably make some candy! (there’s something to blog about… finally!)  But I won’t blog about it now because that would be a spoiler!  But anyways,  I really do want to get back to cooking… which I will.  But with me playing softball (I can’t remember if I told you I play softball for the local team… well… NOW YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!) I can’t really cook my normal Mondays and Tuesdays because I have softball practice most of those nights. But, candy is comin’ up!!!!! (I promise!!!)


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