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My Surprise!

Yeah! I pretty much had the best night of my life last night! Well, my mom was talking on the phone with my grandma (I call her Grammie and I will in this post… just to be quicker that way) and my mom headed up to her room. We thought that was pretty weird (or at least I did!) When she’s done on the phone, my mom says that Grammie has a surprise for me and my brother, and that we would get it after church on Sunday night! When this happened I think it was Friday night. So you know… when you know you are getting a surprise you go absolutely ballistic, right? Well, that’s what happened to me. I started going “Is it a trip to Disney World??!!” (I’m sorry Grammie… I got desperate!) “OOh, I wonder if they got us a puppy!!” But my surprise was WAY better than a puppy! For you that don’t know, my Grammie is a chef… a REAL chef! And a really good one, by the way! Anyway, we get to their house Sunday night, and I was just looking all around trying to find whatever they had for me! I know… weird huh? So, I think my parents and grandparents were trying to bug me by talking for an hour before I got my surprise! 

 Okay, here’s my wonderful, fantastic, amazing… okay… I got my Grammies… KITCHEN AID MIXER!!! It might not be that amazing to you, but I was soooooo happy! It’s kind of one of those older ones… but I don’t care one teeny, tiny bit! It’s a white one, and it works really great! And, it looks spotless! There were also some other things that went with it. My Grammie said that she would ask her boss if I could go to one of her cooking classes with her. She teaches classes at one of the cooking schools nearby, and she wants to take me to one when they make cookies! (I think that’s what she said!) She”s just not sure because I might be a little too young to go… but she’ll look in to it! YAY! OH yeah, she also said she’s been working on a cookbook for a bout 3 years, and she wants to collaborate with me (I’m not really sure what that means but I think she wants me to help her with it) and do some recipes together! I could be the assistant writer of a cookbook!!! COOL BEANS!!! I guess you could say I had a pretty big night! I made cookies today with it, and I LOVED it!! Because some of you know I’ve wanted a Kitchen Aid for the longest time, and when she gave all those things to me, I really was blown away! Anyway, just wanted to share one of my cooking journeys with you! So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Kitchen Aid… GET ONE!!!


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  1. Dear Dana,
    WOW!!! what and amazing gift. My mother has a kitchen aid and they are so handy. Thanks for posting at my blog. I was so sad that we weren’t able to go to VA last year. Maybe you guys can travel down to visit us. I’m sure we would have a blast.
    Well got to go to bed, Love you,

  2. What a lovely post! I confirmed this evening that you can attend a class with me and I am really looking forward to having an apprentice. After reading your blog, I have no doubt that you can certainly teach me some new things in the kitchen. Happy cooking!

  3. How nice of Grammie to do that!

  4. Your mom passed on your website — I work with her in the library (sometimes)…mostly I just fill in for people when I am needed in either Circulation or the Children Department. Congratulations on acquiring your Kitchen Aid… have two bowls!!!! I have one but only one bowl. Good luck with your ‘chefing’ … with all the support you have I am sure you will do well and get to Paris to do it!!!

  5. That’s amazing Dana. Congratulations!


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