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Wow! Is it really possible to be too busy for cooking?

Yes, it is VERY possible. My mom just realized I haven’t done an entree since the 11th. I’m sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been focusing on a lot of other things… my other amazing talent! Yep, I had a huge violin thing that just ended today. It’s called the STAHR Suzuki workshop. It’s basically a thing that goes for 2 days and you go both days and polish your playing and then the last thing we did was have a concert for all the parents. I learned how to fiddle a little bit by an amazing lady! I also have been doing other things with my violin. Well, before I go any farther, his name is Charlie! (my violin) Anyway, I had a competition with Bethel Christian School. You know, the school I do band with. So it’s a competition that the whole school can compete in, with a lot of different categories. It can be Home Ec., painting, sculpture, duet acting, Bible Teaching, and lots of music stuff too. And a whole lot more… a WHOLE lot more! So anyways, I did a duet with my friend. WE did a violin cello duet. Well in the competition, we were called a small instrumental ensemble. I felt more professional with that name!! But anyway, back to what I wanted to say in the first place. We competed in our first part of competition and won!!!, actually we tied with our competition, but who cares? So, we are heading to state competition, for our second and last performance! So, there will be a lot of competition to face, but we know we can win… even though the friend I’m doing it with has no confidence at all. I told her we would probably win and she goes ” No we didn’t do good at all.” But of course, I was the right one, because I had confidence. Anyway, I’ve gone far enough. I just got on to tell you about violin stuff, and that I would get cooking in about 2 days. So yeah, 2 days it is and I will definitely get cooking!!!! I hope you’ve made good meals, even though I’m usually the one to do that… but if you have, do tell me what you’ve made. I’m happy to hear anything. Oh! And if you’ve cooked, thank you so much for taking over for me!!! KEEP COOKIN’!!!


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  1. Thank you for the special delivery – the cookies were delicious – Gramps and I both enjoyed them! By the way, you looked very cute today. Happy cooking!


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