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Pasta Frittata

Last night I made an interesting sort of a quiche.  A very yummy one!  What I did was cook up some red onion and green peppers in some oil.  Then what I did was use the pasta sauce that I made a few nights ago for the tomato part of this recipe.  So when the vegetables were done I put those into the pasta sauce.  Then the cooked pasta I made for the pasta sauce went into the pan and then a layer of sauce went on top of that and then some cheese went on top of that!!!!  And then I did that same thing again!  Yeah, it sounds like a lot of work but it was actually really fun!  So when all of that was layered, I put and egg mixture on top.  It was 8 eggs with 3 tbls. of milk!  Then it went on top (like I said!)!!!  I had to leave it there for about 15 minutes and then I stuck it in the oven for about another 15 minutes!  When it came out I was so ready for dinner!  Doesn’t it look good!?  It was very good (but someone in my family is q-ous so he didn’t have any because there was eggs in it. 😦 )  But I thought it was good!  REALLY GOOD!!  I’m having some if we don’t go to Chick-Fil-A!!!  You know… the best fast food place EVER!!!???   Well anyways… Bon Appetit!!!


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