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Pork Chops with Mustard-Onion Gravy (or it should’ve been)

Tonight… yeah, I DIDN’T have a blast in the kitchen. 😦  Well, what I tried to do was make pork chops with mustard onion gravy.  I had a little incident… yeah, they’re NOT fun at all.  So, I cooked my pork chops,  then started my gravy.  What I did was take one onion and sweat that up (cover the pan with tin foil or a lid), then I added some white cooking wine into it.  I added a few herbs and (I think!!!).  Then when the onions were nice and tender, I added my pork chops back in… here’s my problem.   I had to let the pork sit and braise in the gravy for 40 minutes.  I had to cover the pan with foil and a lid.  I go to check on it so I open it up to see that my wonderful, delicious, ruined gravy is all burnt up!!! 😦  I got so sad.   But to my great luck, the pork was fine!!! Hurray!  Anyway!   I fixed up my meal by making a gravy mix (you know the ones that come in the big container and all you use is water and gravy mix??), and it turned out fine.  I’ll try it again.  Meanwhile, I’ll try to figure out what went wrong!  I think it was because the recipe told me to keep and eye on the gravy and to stir it every once in a while… and I didn’t do that!!! Well anyway, I’ll be doing it again soon!!! YAY!


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