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Grandma Gormans Chocolate Cake

I think that title sounds good an’ satisfactory!!!! YUM YUM!!! Was that thing good or what??? Anyway!!! This was the BEST chocolate cake I ever had!!! It was gourmet tasting… like the REAL stuff. I had fun making this… except, I made a HUGE mess. Not only was the kitchen a wreck already, but I got flour EVERYWHERE! I had a bunch of fun though! I think my next goal to chocolate cake is making DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!!! Yep… that seven layered cake that everyone talks about! I don’t think I’m brave enough!!! Yes I am!!! I can do anything I set my mind to! Be sticking around to see if I did it or not!!! I’m making plans already!

This is a picture of Death By Chocolate I found on the internet...someday....


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