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Crisp and Juicy Roast Chicken

Tonight I made a WONDERFUL roast chicken!! YUMMY!!! I opened up the package that it was in and said WOW!!! I was very happy because it was the very first whole chicken I have ever done!!! I was proud of myself that it tasted so good. I didn’t do very much to season it. I rubed a little butter on it, salt and pepperd it, and put a bay leaf, dried thyme, and a tablespoon of butter in the cavity!!!!! I was really amazed! Everyone is asking me for samples. I’ve given out two, and while I’m walking around church, everyone is saying stuff like, ” Ooh! is that for me??” or “wow tha tlooks great! Did you make it?” I’m soooooo happy that I have this blog. Thanks to everyone who supports me!!! I know my grandma “Honey” is my biggest fan!! Thanks to everyone!!!


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  1. I really loved this! I kept smaking the chicken when it was raw!!! It sounded really funny!!!! Yeah, if you saw me in there with that chicken you would crack up!! I talked to it and everything! I would reccomend you try to raost a chicken! You’ll have a blast!


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