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The Best Dinner EVER!:Chicken Paprika/Crusty Red Potatoes

Tonight I cooked the best dinner I have had in a LONG while.  Chicken paprika!! CHICKEN PAPRIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha!  This was so good.  It had many different flavors because I had to put about 10 different vegetables!  That’s a lot.  One thing that I hated was chopping my onions.  I had to chop 3 onions! 3 onions aren’t good for someone who HATES the smell of onions.  I’m very sensitive to onions.  Every time I chop one (or three!) my eyes go insane.   But if I want to be a chef (actually, I already am!!) I have to learn to deal with it!  So, this recipe was easy and fun but it took some time.  But like I said it was VERY fun.  I think this is the most fun recipe I’ve done!  My techniques were braising, cooking a spice (I had to use 1/4 a cup of paprika in the vegetables), thickening  sauces with vegetable puree, enriching flavor with sour cream!!! SOUR CREAM IS THE BEST!  So those are my techniques for this recipe… but we’re not done!   I made something that I thought I would DESPISE… but I didn’t!  They were called Crusty Red Potatoes!  And I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t like these, but now I just realized… how could I hate ANYTHING with the word potato in it?!?!?!  But they were good… REAL GOOD!  All I did was… actually, lets give my mom the credit for cooking PART of this.  She did the putting the potatoes and the water in the pan in the pan and starting to cook them (I did the rest!), then I let the water evaporate and then I put salt, pepper, oil and garlic on the potatoes and fried them.   That’s pretty much it.  It was supper easy too!!  I think my boys(I’m sorry, if you are one of my readers and I don’t know you, I’m 12 and I call my dad and my brother “My Boys”. I don’t have any children!) are going to the store right now to get ice cream!  So no dessert tonight but I had the best DINNER!


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