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Pasta Toss with Pancetta and Pine Nuts

from Food Network MagazineTonight I made a pasta toss! One word YUMMY! It was kind of difficult though (as in too many steps!)! My whole family enjoyed it! It had very many different flavors like a red pepper, pine nuts, GARLIC!, and pancetta. This is my first recipe using pancetta! It had its own unique taste even though it is just an italian bacon! I had fun cutting everything up… that’s my favorite thing to do… use sharp KNIVES! HAHAHA! Anyway… little evil moment there! This one wasn’t out of my cookbook. Something I forgot to tell you is that I also do things out of other cookbooks… this one was out of the food network magazine! I love FN! So this one was REALLY good and a keeper! BON APPETIT!


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  1. I think this picture looks like it’s been edited funny. It looks like it’s one of those digitale pictures!! Is it just me or does it look yummy and wierd at the same time?!!?!?


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