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Oven Poached Chicken/ Warm Apple Crumble Cake

Tonight I made FULL meal!  My appetizer was spiral noodles (thosewere simple so I won’t do the full detail thing), my brother made them though.
My entre was The  Basic Method For Oven-Poached chicken.  It was VERY simple.  I made it like I would just regular chicken but put chicken stock and water in the pan with it.  It was really good.  But the chicken was kind of plain, so I used my imagination and created a really good meal.  What I did was I took some of my noodles, put them at the bottom of a plate, took the chicken and cut it up like  bbq (but with NO seasonings),  put that on top of the noodles and put cheddar cheese ON TOP OF THAT and microwaved it. That was kind of complicated to write as but at least I did it in one shot!  It was really good.  The last thing I made tonight you guys was the most wonderful apple cake I EVER had. It was a WARM APPLE CRUMBLE CAKE!!!!!!!! It was delicious! I made pretty much a normal white cake batter(not boxed, home-made!),  scattered apple cubes all over the mix in a pan, then put a brown sugar crumble topping on top of all that heavenlieness (is that a word????)!!!  It turned out AMAZING!  I’m usually not a big fan of apple cakes, but this I have to agree is a make again (thanks to my neighbors for letting me have their last three eggs for this. I realized once I went to get my eggs, I didn’t have any!  Can’t make that mistake on Food network can you?!?)!!! Okay that about  wraps things up. Oh yeah, mytechniques today were… for the chicken it was oven poaching, and my cake was using pure vanilla, greasing and flouring a baking pan, sifting flour, not over mixing, and   test. Wow, hopefully I learned stuff out of that! 🙂


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