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Several Side Dishes

Tonight I was focusing on side dishes. They are from my cookbook, so I completed some more recipes!  My first side dish is Steamed Green beans. I’m not a fan of green beans, but I did taste them. They were sweeter than I expected.  Anyway, my technique for this is… can you guess?…steaming!
I learned a lot from this. I learned that you have to bring you water to a rapid boil before putting your steam basket on the saucepan!  Okay, maybe that wasn’t a lot, but I did learn good tips!
My second side dish is Oven-Fried Potatoes!  Yummy!  What I did was cut the potatoes into wedges and completely covered them with salt, pepper, and garlic oil.  Then I pretty much fried them in the oven… it was pretty easy (to my advanced level in cooking!).  My technique for this was oven frying.  They turned out delicious!
I also helped my mom cook a roast in a new baker we bought from Pampered Chef.  She made a “Bachelor Roast”.  I know you’re thinking…”What could that be?!”  Well, it is a normal piece of beef, but here is what AMAZES me!  The sauce that went in it is catsup, 2 garlic cloves, half an onion, and the pièce de Resistance… COCA-COLA!!!!!!! And for you people who don’t know, I’m a HUGE, and I’m talking about HUGE coke fan! It tasted delicious! How about a huge round of applause for my mom!
Finally, I made a recipe in my cookbook called The Best Cheese Wafers and they were the best!  They tasted JUST like Cheez-it crackers, but with a hint of the home-made taste in it!  So that might seem like more than usual, but it was all gone by the time dinner was over (seriously, like really true)!

P.S. I just heard REALLY bad news.   The author of my cookbook, Richard Sax,  he passed away in 1995.  This is even worse: it was while he was writing the book. 😦  PLUS… my mom said if he was still alive, she would write him and ask him for a signed copy of his cookbook.  Now my inspiration will never know about me… BOO HOO!  I love you Richard!


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  1. LOVE the NEW website!!!! looking good! 🙂


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