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Pan Sauted Chicken Breasts

I just finished my second recipe in my new assignment (soon it won’t be new!)! Pan Sauted Chicken Breasts. They were very good. What I did was I put salt, pepper, and paprika on the chicken breasts, sautéed them in the pan, put it in the oven and let them cook. That’s all I did with the chicken. Next, I made the sauce. This one tought me a lesson. Well what I did before that was took out the chicken from the oven, then with the oil and fat from the chicken I cooked mushrooms(YUCK)! Then, once the mushrooms were a light golden(have any of you noticed that you have to get EVERYTHING golden?), I pored half a cup a cooking wine in there, and deglazed that (last nights technique), then, here’s my lesson: I put the parsley in and I guess that 3 tablespoons of parsley was a little too much even though that’s what the recipe says. Anyway, I won’t use as much parsley as last time. So todays technique was cleaning and preparing mushrooms(YUCK!!!) All I have to say is that the chicken was FANTASTIC!
Yep! I’m only twelve!!!! BON APPETITE!


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