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Crusty Parmesan Chicken Over Penne Pasta

This stuff my brother and dad were a huge fan of! I wasn’t a huge fan of it because the penne pasta was cooked with tomatoes, and tomato paste and I HATE tomatoes. I’m sorry, but I do. But the crusty parmesan chicken was HEAVENlY!  I didn’t like this dish as much as others but I make food to please my customers! Not me!

p.s. I think it looks really good though!


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  1. Dana – Is that a generalization about tomatoes? I know that you absolutely love Honey’s spaghetti, so I would imagine that you eat tomatoes in spaghetti sauce, and, of course, in pizza sauce. You might actually learn to like them the more you cook with them, or maybe not.

    Your blog is terrific and I will continue to check in on how you are doing. I know that your family is very happy having their own personal chef! Happy cooking!


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