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Not much goin’ on/Pampered Chef Party!

I haven’t been cooking much because my life has been VERY busy. I’m probably going to start my cookbook soon, “Get in there and cook”. I’m really excited for it.
I am also having a Pampered Chef Party. What it is, is a sell at home company that does parties at your house and they sell cooking equipment and so my mom and I are having a party at our house tomorrow! We have 18 people coming! I’m really excited because my two friends Casey and Olivia are coming! So, at the party, the consultant is going to demonstrate some of her tools that she sells by letting some of the people who come help her make BBQ Pork sandwiches!!!! YUMMY! So hopefully I’ll get back to cooking! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!


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  1. cool i love your website

  2. Nice!!!! loved the party…and nice website 🙂

  3. Thanks alot you guys. I always love getting comments!!!!

  4. What do you mean “not much going on”? My house was full of women. I think they all had a great time.


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