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Tortellini Toss

Tonight I made a Ham Tortellini. First I made a sauce with butter, flour, milk and garlic. And than I put the ham into the sauce and while that cooked I put the Tortellini and vegetable stock in a 12″ skillet and brought it to a boil. Then when that was done I put the ham and sauce mixture into the skillet and cook that and then I put spinach in that mixture and let the spinach wilt and there you have your most delicious dish.   It will have you sayin’ yummy! And we have something special comin’ up! My mom and I are going to Brown Butter Pear Cake with vanilla ice cream!Sounds yumy doesn’t it!?:P And while I’m here just wanted to say that my big Junior District Orchestra rehearsal is tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it (whoever doesn’t know, I play violin!). So everyone wish me luck! And “Bon Apetite!”


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  1. Wow, girl friend, that sounds so yummy!


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